Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Our Core Principles!

Just wanted to share...

Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator Principles

Integrity: We build our businesses through trust, fairness, and kindness with the thought that people are more important than products. We encourage everyone to give their best effort every day, to provide positive support to those around them, and to exercise creativity in performing their tasks.

Relationships: We expect open, honest, and friendly communication between everyone. We appreciate and encourage diversity, knowing there is much we can learn from each other.

Balance: We are dedicated to those who strive to create balanced lifestyles centered on serving family and others while nurturing their own self-esteem and personal growth.

Personal Development: We provide opportunities for those who wish to develop their artistic creativity, expand their social interaction, and contribute to their family’s financial security—while having fun. We believe that when we nurture personal and professional development in people, success will follow.

Positive Environment: We seek to o er fair compensation and bene ts; ample training and educational opportunities; and an opportunity for everyone to share ideas with the company.

Growth: We are dedicated to healthy and responsible growth. We measure our growth and performance subjectively by focusing on principles and objectively by focusing on numbers. We seek to expand our influence in the craft, hobby, and decorating markets as we provide affordable, high-quality products that stimulate creativity and enjoyment.

Efficiency: We evaluate our operations capabilities to ensure productivity and continued support of our workforce. We understand that efficient processes and structure encourage consistency and foster confidence; therefore, we strive to develop the best systems for giving the best support possible.

Change: We believe in exercising imagination and wisdom, in taking responsible risk, and in embracing change. We set challenging goals, always striving to “better our best.”

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