Thursday, October 25, 2012

Featuring My Son's Talent Today!

I create with paper and the men in my life create with wood. My son has finally started his own business! Ever since he got home from his last deployment, he has been making beautiful mulit-use boxes. We have another wood-craftsman in our family! With the encouragement of his wife & children, he is now promoting them on Etsy! We (his parents) and his family are so proud of him and his talent (takes after Dad!). Just wanted to brag a bit, spread the word and let all my readers know. 
Check out Edelman Exotic Boxes, his design and sales site HERE.

All his work is 100% handcrafted and made from exotic and domestic hardwoods. Custom orders are always welcomed. Choose from a selection of hardwood combinations or choose your own design/combination. Also offers other wood products like cedar planters or oak bookshelves. Items are designed to be aesthetically pleasing while providing a functional use. All requests are discussed with the client to achieve the desired product. Make perfect gifts for that perfect someone.

This is a solid oak box, with purple heart inlays on the top and sides and a felt lined bottom, that Michael made for me! I treasure it and only put extra special pieces in it.  This is an exquisite piece that can be used for a variety of things. Approximate dimensions: 11in L x 3in W x 3in D.

Walnut Ferris Wheel with Zebra and Oak Seats
 This elegant handmade Ferris Wheel (17'x15.5'x8) is fully functioning with moveable wheel and moveable "seats." The smooth lines and open base make an excellent addition to any home. This piece is made-to-order and is customize as per type of wood, size, and finish. Also, the "heart" handle can be changed to the customer's desired shape.
This one he made for his wife. Represents their first date!

Solid Walnut and Bubinga Wood Domino Set with Oak Inlay! 
This unique piece is a great addition to anyone who enjoys classic games.The container box is a domino replica which can be made to order to any domino one wishes. The individual pieces are solid walnut with a maple veneer. This box can be made with other assorted woods as well as different finishes.

            Visit Edelman Exotic Boxes, and tell him, Momma says Hi!

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