Friday, July 13, 2012

Dynamic Duo Stamp Cleaning!

Stamp Cleaning made easy! For years, we cleaned stamps laying them all over the kitchen counter to dry after washing the ink off by "stampin" them on sopping wet paper towels! Now, I love to show off how easy it is to clean and condition your stamps with the Stampin' Up! Stampin' Scrub!
Smells good too!

Stampin' Scrub #

126200 $16.95

Dual-sided tray contains extra-large, washable, plush, black fiber scrub pads. To clean stamps, just spray cleaner on one side, (marked with rain drops) blot dry on the other side, (marked with umbrella). Cleans very detailed stamps. Each tray side: 7" x 7". Easy peasy! Clean and dry in a snap. Another must have tool in my stampin room!

Stampin’ Mist is a specially formulated spray that both cleans and conditions your rubber stamps. You can spray it directly on your Stampin’ Scrub. It comes in a convenient spray bottle and refills are available. Cleans all types of ink from rubber.

■ Stampin’ Mist comes in nonaerosol spray bottle
■ 2 oz. of Stampin’ Mist #102394 $4.50
■ 8 oz. refill #101022 $9.50

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